Various Uses of Management Information Systems in the Aviation Industry


Aviation is widely classified into two; civil aviation and state aviation. Civil aviation is all the activities that involve the usages of an aircraft and an airport for ferrying of passengers and cargo. State aviation is the use of space and warcraft for military and other government reasons. State aviation provides security for civil aviation activities. Despite the vast difference in management and operation of the two types of aviation business, one thing that the two shares in common are the use of management information systems. MIS in aviation can be applied in many forms. Flight status API and notification to airmen(NOTAM) are the commonly used in many airports. What is the main application of MIS in the industry?

Management of security details

Management is used to manage security in the airports and vessels. Security starts at the airport entry points. At this point, passengers are screened by a system that is used to detect a weapon and narcotic substances. All the footage and details or the security screening are shared and managed by use MIS. Security in the passage loungers is management by systems. In the loughs, the authority install cameras to helps them man the security of the passengers. The systems are used to detect any threat to safety and security. The aviation industry is an industry that is based on the principle of optimum safety standards. All the passes in the airports are management by the systems. Airport staffs are given a security pass that they can use to gain access to restricted places.

Management of emergencies

Despite the fact that aviation industry is based on the principle of ultimate safety, emergencies still happen due to various reasons. Mostly an accident or an incident can happen because of human error or act of God. In such a situation, management information system is used to man the situations. In case of an aircraft is experiencing navigation problems, the systems are used to direct, control and help the pilot land the vessel safely. The air traffic officer in a control tower communicates with the pilot using VAR and virtual instrument ts rating which are based on the principle of the information system. In case of an accident, the air traffic officers and the MIS have a big responsibility in search and rescue of the victims. After an accident, a private and independent institution must come and produce a report on the possible causes of the accidents. The information systems are also reviewed. The information systems are also used to contain other airplanes to give room for a vessel in distress to land.

Training of personnel

For any industry to continue in full operation in the future, it has to train and retrain staffs. Information systems contain guides that the tutors follow in training. New staffs have to be trained on how to use the information system. Training of pilots is done in a simulator. These devices are based on information systems. The training of other staffs including the air dispatch offers are also trained with the guide of management information system.