Health Benefits You Get Through Kayaking

kayak board

Kayaking is a low impact activity that is very beneficial to your overall well being as a fitness enthusiast. Essentially, your strength and aerobic fitness are improved as you partake in this activity that is easy to learn with the right equipment and training.

You have been in the office for too long and need to stretch those muscles and get a full body workout. Therefore, you need an outdoor activity that will get those muscles working. There is no better activity than kayaking to achieve this goal.

There are numerous health benefits that you get from kayaking. They include the following.


kayakingImproved Cardiovascular Fitness

Despite being a low impact activity, there is a lot of navigation involved in kayaking. Whether you are doing sea kayaking or surf kayaking, you are navigating against currents in the sea.

Therefore, you get to work your muscles and lungs at the same time. This allows for cardiovascular fitness. By achieving cardiovascular fitness, you will find that doing those day to day activities around the house or at work becomes easy and you are energetic.


Increased Muscle Strength

If you manage to go kayaking at least once or twice a month, you will notice some increased muscle strength. You get to use your arms, back, shoulders, and chest when moving the paddle. As such, you will notice increased strength in muscles that you use while kayaking. Notice that these muscles are normally used in your everyday activities.

Therefore, you will not have a hard job doing everyday activities at work or home due to improved physical fitness.


fit bodyIncreased Torso and Leg Strength

You need to rotate your torso to navigate the kayak while applying pressure using your legs. Therefore, you find that you are managing a full body work out when kayaking. You have both lower and upper body strength if you progressively do some kayaking at least twice a month.

Consider it a weekend outdoor activity with your family or work colleagues. You will find that not only will you bond over the weekends, but, you will be keeping feet physically while avoiding the office or sedentary home lifestyle.

There is a low risk to wear and tear of your joints and tissue
Kayaking consists of paddling which is low impact activity. As such, you will not strain your muscles to the point of damage.

You are exercising, enjoying the outdoors, and improving your health without the risk of straining your body. For those who work in offices that require you to sit all day, kayaking is the best activity while outside the office for you and your workmates.

Enjoy the outdoors as you get in some fresh air and unwind with family and friends through kayaking. You are not only winding away your free time. You get to avoid those trips to the physician about pains in your joints due to sedentary lifestyles. Kayaking is easy to learn with the right trainer and the right equipment for a beginner.